COLORDY, originated from COLOR DIY, DIY (Do it yourself) is a lifestyle that originated in the 60s in the United States. A yearning for a good life "As long as you think about it, you can do it."
  Entering the 21st century, entering the era of publicity, Hong Kong, China, the frontier of the combination of Chinese and Western, COLORDY was born in accordance with it. At the beginning of its birth, COLORDY was given the responsibility to undertake the integration of Chinese and Western cultures, while giving DIY more new connotations. COLORDY adheres to the concept of "I do it, I am happy", giving you full of personality, giving you an excellent experience while doing it. As a partner of many international DIY brands, COLORDY has always integrated international popular elements with Chinese local culture, has always insisted on "fashion, simplicity, and internationalization" as our original intention, combined with international popular black technology to make our products Very perfect experience and super high value.